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Summery South Coast Elopement

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Documenting the union between Chrissy & Dexter while shooting for Flora Gibson!

You never know what the weather will be like EXACTLY along the south coast past Big Sur. With no cell reception and few to no pull outs or stops, this coast challenges those faint of heart for a more rugged excursion.

On this particular day in May, the wind seemed to wrangle itself down to a consistent breeze. Fog seemed foreign to this landscape and the sun kept everyone comfortable while this small group came together to celebrate Chrissy and Dexter.

I'm not sure how exactly to explain it, but working alongside other Flora brings out my own complimentary style. Nothing more encouraging than watching an established photographer sought out again and again for her moody, dark, and sensual imagery.

Landscapes and shoots like these always bring out the best in me. The focus they demand will either push you to problem solve or overwhelm you, as I've come to find out. Elopements give way to more breathing room, for everyone, and allowed me to take some exclusive landscape shots for printing, like this capture below I am calling, "Gold Rush Evening"

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