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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Complementary Camera Gear.

Any trail runner, hiker, backpacker, back alley surfer, or otherwise adjacent dirtbag knows that you don't just have your gear. There's your obvious gear list; shoes, sunscreen, water, watch, etc.

Then there's YOUR gear list.

One friend I surf with keeps a Modelo in his wetsuit to crack open past the break.

An ex of mine used to ALWAYS wear long socks to store small trash items, explaining that, "it if fits in the sock, it's ready to rock".

To keep his sanity, a friend I backpack with never enters the backcountry without a family sized bag of skittles.

There are some I know who only wear their jade necklaces in specific areas, to better connect with the land's history and spirit.

And on and on.

For myself, there's been a lot of experimenting (still) to solidify my list. Specifically, for day hikes (6-9 miles) I have narrowed the list to the following:




camera looped through a strap and held onto my light camelbak with a carabiner

- plastic bag or plastic to shoot through (prism like but light)

camelbak with at least 70 oz water


hikers or trail runners

nuun or another electrolyte tablet/powder

light long sleeve layer to throw on/off areas of thick brush or ill-maintained trail

fruit + 1 bar, with water and food back in my car for the drive back


If I ever feel extra indulgent, I bring my travel tripod.

Straight forward? Perhaps. Perhaps not, since I see so many schlepping twice, or three times as much up the mountain. Nothing feels worse to me than carrying too much.

Let me know what your CCG includes!

See ya out there.

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